Who is this guy?

Hey everyone, my name is Arya. To introduce my tech background, currently I’m a software engineer at Oscar Health (a startup trying to make healthcare not suck by having good tech) in Los Angeles, working on one of the communications infrastructure teams. Previously I was a software engineer @ Google, working on the YouTube Web Embedded Player (like the one below):

I’m from Los Angeles, born to two Iranian Jewish immigrants. My fascination with computers started at a young age, and I wanted to learn programming when I saw people making programs to play the game Runescape, but I actually started learning programming in 11th grade, when I took a math class with a teacher who taught the concepts using Python. This class started my fascination with programming, and I was immediately hooked, doing problems on CodingBat and Project Euler instead of the homework I was supposed to. I continued on to Brandeis University where I did a double major in computer science and music.

One of my huge interests is in computer science education - I believe that we are doing it completely wrong, and I’d love to use this blog as a means to create programming education, as well as discuss my thoughts on CS education in general. My non technical interests include music (classical and pop), Persian language, Iranian culture and politics, movies, US politics, social justice, and spending way too much time on esoteric Facebook groups.

Contact: [email protected]

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