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Note: Please feel free to use any resources on this page for any personal learning, or for lesson teachings. I only ask that you credit me (preferably with a link back to this website), as well as informing me that you’re using it (just so I know what’s being used and where). If you’d like to use anything here for commercial purposes, please email me at [email protected].


I’ve created a YouTube series for doing well on the AP Computer Science FRQ section. You can view my videos below:

Hopefully I’ll make more videos soon!


Review Slideshows for Java at Brandeis University

These slideshows were created for reviewing before midterms and the finals for courses at Brandeis University. They should be useful to anyone learning Java at an intro level.

Python Slideshows

1 Hour Introduction to Python - Presentation made for SPLASH, a program for undergrad students teaching their own small classes. I taught a group of middle and high school students how to start programming in Python, and how to keep going after the class. Good for all age ranges.

How to make a website with Python and Flask - Good for someone who has learned Python, and wants to make their own website.

General CS Education

Hour of Code Talk - Hour of Code talk for biology teacher at Abby Kelley Foster Charter. Discusses what coding is, basic building blocks of coding, and case studies in Biology, Forensics and Anatomy. Lots of discussion questions that raise the big points of what computer science is about, and what the ethical questions surrounding it are.


Introduction to Cryptography - Slides 1-15 are by myself. Slides 16 on are by Seth Rait.

How listen to someone’s password - A talk about a paper by Adi Shamir Et Al.

Finding information from VOIP conversations - Another presentation on a paper.

Programming Assignments

These are assignments that I wrote for various programming classes. They are good for giving to students, or trying to do yourself to learn the subjects or reinforce material you’ve learned.

Calculating Grades for Teacher - Programming assignment heavy on array calculations.

Designing a card game - Good for someone in a course about Java who is comfortable with arrays, and has started learning about objects. The assignment can be done with the basics of objects, with no knowledge of inheritence.

Designing Uno - Good assignment for Data Structures students for learning how to create your own linkedlist, and how to use it in a game of Uno.


How to install Java and add it to your path

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